7 Things You Should Consider When Creating An Intro For Your Video

The beginning is an essential part of any work, and that stands right, especially with videos. While your title and content is a powerful tool to get the target audience interested, it is the first few seconds of the video that can make or break the video.

Today, there is ample content available for any topic, and thus it is vital to have a fantastic start to the video to ensure the audience will stay on till the end.

If you are creating a video or already have on that needs an excellent intro, here are 7 easy tips to help you create professional and catchy intros to make your video enjoyable:

Set The Expectations

To make a compelling video, you need a compelling story and an engaging script. Create a summary of your entire video to give an overview of your video in the first few seconds. The intro should complement your overall content and ensure that it provides precise information without disclosing the vital parts too soon. 

The intro should ideally: 

  1. Be relatable to your target audience. For that, you should have defined your target audience and their challenges, goals, etc. to get this right.
  2. Capture the overall theme or emotion of the video. This indicates the audience of what to expect.
  3. Introduce yourself, your brand, or the product depending on the type of video you are making.

In case your video is already short and pretty straightforward, keep the intro short and get to the central part directly.

Reinforce Your Key Message

If you take an analysis of the audience’s attention span and where it is most likely to be high, you’ll find that the first few seconds come out on top. Hence, this is the time to introduce the most vital message to your audience, and then use your script to support this.

To use the intro for reinforcing your key message, define:

  1. Why are you creating the video?
  2. What are the top 5 items that you want to communicate?
  3. What is the one thing you want your audience to remember after watching this video?

Depending on the type of video you are making, you can add more questions and ensure you capture them in your intro.

Watch Out For The Length

While getting the right content into the intro is daunting, if it gets too long, the intro will start to lose its impact. Make sure you are focused on the length of your intro and ensure it is not more than 20% to 25% of your entire video.

Use this simple rule of thumb to keep it short and straightforward to ensure you have your audiences hooked and move on to the main script. It is also recommended to watch the entire video once it is entirely made.  Determine the length of the intro by comparing it with the overall pace of the video.

Keep It Simple But Also Appealing

The visual elements of your video will also define its popularity, for a well-made video is more likely to capture attention and get clicked. Ensure this is especially the case when creating your intro. Leverage your brand identity, but do not start with a simple logo or branding. Add some visual elements and animations that blend in with your intro script and help reinforce your key message better. 

However, keep in mind not to go overboard with the animations and styling. The best way to avoid this is to stick to your intro message and use the visual aids to complement your intro pleasantly.

Use Music Or Background Audio To Add Appeal

Adding music or background sound to your intro can be extremely appealing, but only if you are careful with the sounds. If you are adding some musical flair to your intro, keep in mind that: 

  1. It does not dilute the purpose of your video. e.g., adding heavy beats to a professional video can take away the professionalism of the video.
  2. The tune is catchy but also not distracting, as the focus has to be on the content rather than the audio.
  3. It does not plagiarize any other songs or tunes in the market. Copying tunes can not just get you hefty fines but also result in your video being taken down on popular video sharing sites.

Although there are no set rules for how your intro theme music or song should be, make sure it adds value to your overall video. Also, adjust the volumes to not start with a bang from the getgo since this may startle your audience, especially if they’re using headphones. Keep your volume at the same level as the rest of the video.

Build Interest & Connect It With Your Main Content

The intro is a great way to build interest and should act as a warmup, to move to the main point gradually. Do so naturally and in a similar vein as you would in a normal conversation. Allow the audience to connect with what is to come. 

Instead of jumping straight into a conversation, use the intro to greet, showcase important highlights, and gradually move the focus on the primary subject matter. Doing so will give the audience some time to get interested and get tuned in for the rest of the video.

Add Some Teasers To Act As A Warmup

Finally, if you have multiple items that you wish to showcase, why not add bits and pieces of it in the intro itself. Many successful vloggers and video makers add teaser screens in the background or showcase upcoming content to give the audience an idea of what to expect from the overall video.

Although this is not suggested for short videos, which are 2-min or 5-min long, longer videos could use this option. This way, if the audience wants to, they can jump directly to the part they are most interested in and more likely to stay engaged! 

Now that you’ve learned about the key parameters to consider when creating an intro for your video, it’s time to create one for yourself! While there are many free intro marker solutions available, the best options should ideally have advanced features like:

  • Automated voice-overs
  • Intelligent frames
  • Easy to use templates
  • A host of other immersive features that will add value to your intro

If you are looking for an option, consider Invideo’s free video intro maker that is easy to use, intuitive and can help you start your video with a bang!

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